Updates on SIMPLE and BOBATH Series

Updates on SIMPLE and BOBATH Series

29 November 2021
The constant search for improvement and modernization has led FISIOTECH to renew two of the longest-lasting product series in the catalogue, the SIMPLE series and the BOBATH series. You will find below the main news below.

The new SIMPLE Series
The Simple series couches will take the name of ELETTRA. For the moment Elettra couches will be available only with foot pedal, but soon the all-around foot bar switch and the hydraulic movements will be introduced. We have improved the speed of the height adjustment from 45 sec to 29 sec.

Elettra 2

You will find the new names and codes below:
Elettra 1 code 112411 REPLACES Andromeda code 112131
Elettra 1 Large code 112511 REPLACES Andromeda Large code 112141
Elettra 2 code 112421 REPLACES Ariosto code 112011
Elettra 2 Large code 112521 REPLACES Ariosto Large code 112021
Elettra 3 code 112431 REPLACES Arcade code 112051
The new variant Elettra 3 Large code 112531 is introduced
Elettra 4 code 112441 REPLACES Ermes code 112031
Elettra 4 Large code 112541 REPLACES Ermes Large code 112041

Elettra 4

The new BOBATH Series
The Bobath M and Bobath L couches will take the name of TITAN. The headrest of TITAN 2 couches will be adjusted only with a gas spring. The maximum user weight for the TITAN 1 XS and S and TITAN 2 XS and S changes, too - it will be 350 kg. It will remain unchanged for the TITAN 1 L.

You will find the new names and codes below:
Titan 1 XS code 113151 REPLACES Titan code 113131
Titan 2 XS code 113161 REPLACES Titan 2 code 113141
Titan 1 S code 113171 REPLACES Bobath M code 113071
Titan 2 S code 113181 REPLACES Bobath M2 gas piston code 113081 and manual code 113091
Titan 1 L code 113191 REPLACES Bobath L code 113101
The code of the castors for Titan XS and S is 123020, while the one for Titan L is 123021.

Technical data sheets, declarations of conformity and manuals of the new couches will be available on the web page of each product as soon as the new version goes into production.

For further information feel free to send us an email to contact@fisiotech.com or to call us at 0039 0438 470342 or 0039 342 9373022.