Fisiotech diagnostics products

Fisiotech diagnostics products

6th October 2020

Among the several product categories Fisiotech proposes to its customers one can find Diagnostics, made up of key equipment for diagnoses in several medical sectors such as our podoscope and our steps for stress test.


The Fisiotech podoscope is used to carry out a foot analysis in a simple and accurate way.
The led strip lights on the two sides of the podoscope, the 12mm-thick tempered crystal and the lower mirror show a real image of the foot sole and highlight the parts of most and least weight load.
The robust varnished beech structure with a unique aesthetics has a maximum working load of 135 kg.

Steps for stress test

Another Fisiotech product of the Diagnostics category are the steps for stress test, used in cardiac examinations for stress tests and in sports medical examinations.
The sturdy powder-coated steel structure weights 35 kg and is shipped with a non-slip material covered wooden step. The maximum working load of the steps for stress test is set at 120 kg.
The step can be placed on three heights – 30, 40 or 50 cm – a feature which is essential to adjust the test to the height of each patient.

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