Discover Fisiotech's mirrors and wall bars

Discover Fisiotech's mirrors and wall bars

17 March 2021

Fisiotech's Made in Italy range offers, in addition to items especially designed for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, also products that may be used for gymnastics as well.
Discover all the features of the leading items of the Gymnastics section of Fisiotech's catalogue: mirrors and wall bars.

Posture and gymnastics mirrors

Fisiotech mirrors are made of a 4mm-thick mirror with accident prevention adhesive film mounted on a polystyrene board and a white MDF board. An aluminium frame binds together the components. The accident prevention film is essential as, in case the mirror breaks, the fragments will not fall but remain stuck on the film

The mirrors are available in plain or screen-printed version, dimensions 170x100 cm or 200x100 cm. They may be either hung on a wall or mounted on our especially designed moving, inclination-adjustable trolley, which can be bought at a later time.

Wall bars

Fisiotech proposes two different types of wall bar with oval rungs: completely wooden or with steel uprights.
Wooden wall bars have 14 rungs and are available in single or double section version. Wall bars with varnished steel uprights, instead, are offered in a single section version, with 13 or 14 rungs.

The product can be equipped with several accessories for a more comfortable use or for specific therapies: back support, board or suspension frame for traction exercises mountable on any 14-rung wall bar.

For further information on our gymnastics products visit our website and feel free to send us an email to or to call us at 0039 0438 470342 or 0039 342 9373022.