Fisiotech parallel bars

Fisiotech parallel bars

18 February 2021


Parallel bars are one of the first rehabilitation products manufactured by Fisiotech. In 2002, year of manufacture of the very first Fisiotech parallel bar, only a 3-meter version with wooded handrail was available, while today we propose a range of eight variants of parallel bars, with wooden or metal handrail, with platform or foldable - a solution for physiotherapists looking for a stable product in a small footprint.

The 3-meter long variant is the one offering the widest choice. Indeed, you can choose between the version with base and the foldable one, and between wooden and powder-coated metal.

The variant with base and powder-coated metal handrails is available in 2-, 4-, and 6-meter length for a rehabilitation path with different lenghts.

The latest article added to the range is the corner parallel bars, allowing the patient to exercise on a long path while maintaining the ease of a reduced encumbrance (270 x 270 cm).

All our parallel bars' handrails are adjustable in height with a telescopic system. Moreover parallel bars with platform's handrails (except the corner ones) are adjustable in width as well.

For a more engaging path you can pair the parallel bars with several accessories, such as a set of obstacles/divider boards, a concave/convex platform or a platform with dividers.

All our parallel bars are medical devices registered at the Italian Ministry of Health.

You will find further information on parallel bars and their accessories, technical data sheet, and declarations of conformity directly in the product pages.

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