Fisiotech Rehabilitation staircases

Fisiotech Rehabilitation staircases

21 January 2020

Fisiotech manufactures and proposes a wide range of rehabilitation products, among which the rehabilitation staircases are undoubtedly one of the best-sellers.

Fisiotech rehabilitation staircases are appreciated for their sturdy and resistant poweder-coated steel structure. The staircases are equipped with telescopic and height-adjustable handrails and are available in two versions: single flight or two-flight.

Single flight rehabilitation staircases have four 13 cm-high closed steps which are covered in PVC and nonslip tape and a landing covered in PVC and nonslip tape as well for a greater patient safety during rehabilitation. Single flight rehabilitation staircase's overall dimensions are 206 x 66 cm.
The two-flight rehabilitation staircases, instead, have two different step heights: one ramp has four 13 cm-high steps, while the other one has three 16 cm-high steps. Just as in the single flight rehabilitation staircase, the steps are closed and covered in PVC and nonslip tape.
According to the needs and the room available, the two-flight rehabilitation staircase can be easily installed in a straight (bridge) or in a corner position.
You can add an inclined ramp as an accessory to propose an advanced exercise and to recreate an uphill or downhill path. The ramp is made of nonslip material-covered wood and is hooked on the four-step ramp creating a slope of approximately 20°.

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