Traction series couches presentation

Traction series couches presentation

26 May 2021

Traction therapy requires adequate devices, which is why Fisiotech designed the Traction series, which is made of two 70cm-wide couches with max. working load of 200 kg. One couch is electrically adjustable in height and the other one has fixed height. Discover all the details below:


Couch with electrically adjustable height from 55 to 86 cm with foot pedal. It has three sections - a headrest adjustable with gas piston, a fixed middle section and a main section which slides by 12 cm. Complete with removable traction unit mounting.


Two-section couch with fixed height - 65 cm - and adjustable feet. The backrest tilts by 10° both in positive and in negative, while the main section slides by 12 cm, just as in Adone. Complete with removable traction unit mounting.

Traction series couches are sold complete with a series of accessories - which are essential to carry out an effective therapy - such as thoracic and pelvic harnesses in two different sizes, a spreader bar, a head halter complete with its spread bar and, to ensure the correct position of the patient, three cushions in different sizes and dimensions in the same colour of the couch.

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