Upholsteries - Our colours and cleaning

Upholsteries - Our colours and cleaning

2nd September 2020

An Italian saying goes "You should also please the eye", and in order to choose the ideal couch evaluating its technical specifications is not enough. A therapist who wants to open or renew his/her center will certainly take into account the aesthetical line as well.

In order to satisfy the needs of every customer on the aesthetical point of view, too, Fisiotech proposes a range of eight colours among to choose the perfect upholstery colour from - green, blue, beige, yellow, orange, burgundy, grey, black.

Cleaning and sanitation
During this time, keeping equipment clean and sanitised is even more important than in the past. Below you will find some useful recommendation:

To clean the upholstery use a damp soft cloth with a neutral detergent solution, rinse with clean water and let dry avoiding direct sunlight. We recommend you avoid excessive rubbing and do not use solvents, bleaches, synthetic detergents or polishing sprays, which could damage and cause the early ageing of the equipment.

To sanitize Fisiotech upholsteries, spray the surface with a 0.5% peroxide-based solution and rinse thoroughly. Repeat daily up to 6/8 times per day.

For further information feel free to send us an email to contact@fisiotech.com or to call us at 0039 0438 470342 or 0039 342 9373022.