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20th February 2019

Fisiotech in the world | News from abroad

Constant dedication and research for new objectives have led Fisiotech to expanding beyond the Italian border. The quality of the final product and the demanding task of new customer research have created a well-connected network not only in Europe, but also all over the world.

2013 marks the beginning of Fisiotech’s cooperation with European customers, in particular French retailers that were already in tight contact with the company. The beneficial cooperation with French retailers led to an expansion of Fisiotech’s market in countries such as Belgium and Switzerland, which are currently the main market along with France, and Austria, Germany, Romania, Latvia, Greece, Croatia, and Slovenia.

The Made in Italy couches and products produced by Fisiotech have been purchased and praised outside Europe, too, in the past few years. As far as Africa is concerned, Fisiotech products are sold in Morocco, Egypt, and Sudan, and in other continents in Indonesia, UAE, and Canada.

The most appreciated products are undoubtedly the Giove couches from the TOP series, which you can find here, but TILT series tables are largely exported, too, as well as rehabilitation and pulley therapy products.

The work of the export sales team is essential, and takes care of maintaining the relationship with customers and above all of sending targeted offers based on the customer’s requests and necessities, in order to satisfy his/her needs.

For further information and to contact our export sales team call +39 0438 470342 or +39 342 9373022 or send an email to
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