Rehabilitation Armchair

Rehabilitation armchair

27th november 2018

Rehabilitation Armchair  | Product Presentation

At Medica 2018, we exhibited the rehabilitation armchair, which we would like to present in our blog.

This armchair is used in the active rehabilitation of upper and lower limbs: specifically designed exercises allow the patient recovering the usual motor activities.

The product has a powder-coated steel structure and blue fire-resistant padding and upholstery (Class 1|M). The tilting bar can be installed on both sides, while the difficulty of the exercise, the movement extension and the point of application can be individually adjusted on different levels with numbered indicators. The inclination of the backrest can be adjusted from 0° to 90° with a gas piston. Moreover, legs and feet can be blocked with a simple system of rolls and slings.

The armchair’s dimensions are 150x60x70-150 cm and the maximum working load is 130 kg. 14 kg of cast iron disks are supplied with the armchair.

For any other information, you can browse our catalogue online and find several other articles for rehabilitation. Click here to download the technical data sheet of the armchair.

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