Pulley Therapy Cage

Pulley Therapy Cage

23rd October 2018

Pulley Therapy cage | Product presentation

Fisiotech SRL is a manufacturer not only of physiotherapy couches, but also of a wide range of products for rehabilitation, diagnostics, gymnastics and much more. Everything is on our website, where you will also find the technical data sheets of every product.

Today we would like to present an article that we added to our catalogue this year – the pulley therapy cage. This specific cage, which is a self-supporting varnished steel structure with a 5 mm zinc-chromed steel wire mesh forming a 5x5 cm grid and adjustable feet, is used in a specific rehabilitation therapy.

The pulley therapy consists of the development of a wide range of passive or active exercises and movements, aiming at maintaining and recovering a correct symmetry and body and joint mobility. It is used both as a therapy and as prevention, as it maintains the patient’s sense of balance, favours a harmonic growth of teenagers but at the same time improves muscle tone, mobility, balance and coordination after injuries or surgery.

The cage is 290 cm long, 124 cm wide and 210 cm tall and the maximum safe working load is 300 kg.
Straps and slings, weights and other instruments are available as optional accessories. The professional may use them to create different rehabilitation paths suitable for any kind of patient according to his/her needs.

Take a look at our catalogue online here for further information. In particular, visit the Pulley Therapy section where you will find more useful devices and structures.

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