Integration to Tilt series

Integration to Tilt series

17th october 2018

Integration to our static therapy couches | Tilt series

Not only does Fisiotech engage in proposing a wide range of tables and products in line with customers’ requests, it also takes some time to improve the already existing products so that they are increasingly functional.

The integration we would like to present today concerns three models of the Tilt series – URANO, GIASONE, and NETTUNO.

It is a system to unlock the actuator, a manual, fast way to bring the tilting surface of the table back to a horizontal position in case of need – as an example following a sudden change in the physical condition of the patient or a malfunction of the actuator.

The system to unlock the actuator is activated simply by pulling the red lever under the tilting surface.
Product reliability and quality are just two of the keywords describing our company concept.

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